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Energy Research

Multitude of Energy Research Resources Under One Roof

PNNL scientists and engineers have conducted energy research throughout the Lab's 50-year history. The new Systems Engineering Building provides state-of-the-art laboratory space and equipment that will further advance basic and applied research in:

  • Electricity markets
  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • End use, including buildings-grid integration.

Some of the energy research located in the facility includes:

Throughout PNNL's history, our researchers have:

  • Developed GridLAB-D™, a one-of-a-kind, high-tech modeling tool designed to simulate different situations on the electric power grid.
  • Invented the Grid Friendly™ Appliance Controller, a chip that temporarily shifts how smart appliances use power to soften the blow for utilities during times of peak demand on the grid.
  • Under the auspices of Battelle, which manages PNNL, led the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project, a consortium of public and private organizations that pioneered the nation's emerging smart grid agenda, contributing technology, utility applications, customer engagement strategies and policy.

Systems Engineering Building